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Attorney In Medina, Ohio

When you need an attorney in Medina, Ohio fast, you need Parker & Erb, LLC.  They provide representation for criminal defense cases, DUI, OVI, domestic,  and personal injury claims. Parker & Erb also serve the Brunswick, Wadsworth and surrounding areas, and provide a full range of legal services that also include divorce, child custody and child support. The attorneys that make up Parker & Erb are Andrew Parker and Thomas Erb Jr. Between them, they have experience in bench and jury trials and negotiated settlements while Parker is the president of the Medina County Bar Association and Erb has interned in the Attorney General’s Office in Cleveland. Regardless of the type of legal representation you need, you need an Ohio lawyer who will give your case the kind of detailed attention it deserves. You need an Ohio lawyer who is thoroughly acquainted with the laws of Ohio and you need one that is highly skilled and experienced. Parker & Erb are the lawyers on whom you can depend on.

They also provide flexible payment plans and accept most major credit cards. Call today and get a free consult with them as well and they can help you find the best approach to your individual situation. Whether it’s a juvenile, criminal defense or domestic case, you want the best attorney in Medina, Ohio at your side and that attorney can be one from the firm of Parker & Erb.

Attorneys in Medina, Ohio | Family Law and Divorce

In, Medina, Ohio divorce can be a rough time filled with arguments about finances and child custody. Having a <a href=””>divorce lawyer from Medina, Ohio</a> can help you turn those arguments into agreements. The Law Office of Parker &amp; Erb, LLC. has lawyers from Medina, Ohio that can help you when you need legal advice or representation. Each parent is responsible for supporting their children. If you are having problems with <a href=””>child support or modifications</a>, the attorneys in Medina, Ohio can help you. Parker &amp; Erb, LLC. has attorneys in Medina, Ohio that are knowledgeable about the court system. Contact the attorneys in Medina, Ohio from <a href=””>the Law Office of Parker &amp; Erb, LLC</a>. to represent you.