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Learn more about reinventing your garage on the ADVAN Design Blog. Garage cabinets & garage flooring contractors can transform your garage into the aesthetic equivalent of a majestic showroom. Your garage can become a comfortable extension of your home with the right combination of high-quality cabinetry and garage flooring. Furthermore, contractors with reliable products can offer both durability and desirable aesthetic; thus, your garage will remain in a pristine state for extensive periods of time.

Garages are high-traffic areas that are susceptible to wear and tear over time; however, with durable epoxy coatings, garage floors can become much more resistant to the harsh garage environment.

Garages are also important storage spaces for the average home; therefore, having high-quality cabinetry and shelving is necessary for protecting your possessions. Furthermore, cabinetry contributes to the overall aesthetic of the space.

Ohio Garage Interiors | Garage Cabinets & Flooring

Ohio Garage Interiors is a client of ADVAN Design and one of the best garage cabinets & garage flooring contractors in Ohio. They offer garage floor epoxy coatings, cabinetry, and organization systems. With both quality and variety, Ohio Garage Interiors can easily create the perfect garage for your home. Garages are the most common entryway for the average home; however, they are often neglected. Ohio Garage Interiors will transform your garage into a welcoming entryway for all guests, providing durability and a beautiful aesthetic.

Learn more about Ohio Garage Interiors and the variety of choices in cabinetry and flooring they offer on the ADVAN Design Blog.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Ohio Garage Interiors | Garage Floor Epoxy When deciding on a garage floor, you need a combination of both aesthetic and durability. If you have been struggling to find a selection that works for you, Ohio Garage Interiors will have exactly what you need. Ohio Garage Interiors can give your garage the upgrade it deserves. … Continue reading “Garage Floor Epoxy”

Garage Flooring

Ohio Garage Interiors Garage Flooring If you are looking for garage flooring with both strength and beauty, look no further. Ohio Garage Interiors has a large selection of epoxy coatings for your garage floor. These flooring options will give your garage the upgrade you’ve been searching for. Garages are extremely high-traffic areas; therefore, installing garage … Continue reading “Garage Flooring”

Garage Interior Design | Ohio Garage Interiors

High-Quality Garage Interior Design Ohio Garage Interiors specializes in garage interior design brings garages to a new level of prestige. They install high-end polymer coatings for garage flooring, cabinetry and storage systems. Ohio Garage Interiors is a name associated with variety and durability. They offer a large variety of different styles and utility options, allowing … Continue reading “Garage Interior Design | Ohio Garage Interiors”

Garage Flooring Contractor

When you are looking for a garage flooring contractor, look for father and son team Scott & Chad Gleske of Ohio Garage Interiors. The business is located in Strongsville, Ohio and they are the leading garage enhancement service in the area. At Ohio Garage Interiors, they know high-traffic spaces demand high-performance coating systems. The Ohio … Continue reading “Garage Flooring Contractor”

Garage Cabinets

Transform your space with Ohio Garage Interior signature garage solutions like garage cabinets and storage solutions. The family owned company, started by Chad & Scott Gleske, gives your garage a new makeover and challenges what a normal garage can be with their quality products designed to handle the tough foot traffic and temperatures that a … Continue reading “Garage Cabinets”

Garage Flooring

Locally owned and operated by the father and son team of Chad & Scott Gleske, Ohio Garage Interiors specializes in garage enhancement, which involves the installation of high-end polymer garage flooring coatings, cabinets and storage systems. With Ohio Garage Interiors, they can help you get organized and clean so you can focus on what really … Continue reading “Garage Flooring”

Garage Organization

At Ohio Garage Interiors, the team knows that garage organization can be a daunting task. With heavy footpath flow and extreme temperatures, the garage seems like it will never be a place to get de-cluttered or enjoy. Now, getting organized never looked so good! Ohio Garage Interiors wants you to see the potential it has … Continue reading “Garage Organization”

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Ohio Garage Interiors, started by father and son team Chad & Scott Gleske, has been serving the Northeast Ohio area with their quality products like epoxy garage flooring and storage solutions to fit any need you have to re-invent your garage. Their products are made to withstand the harsh elements of a garage environment but … Continue reading “Epoxy Garage Flooring”

Garage Floor Epoxy

Ohio Garage Interiors was started by father and son, Chad & Scott Gleske, and it has risen to become the leading garage floor epoxy coating and storage solution companies in Northeast Ohio. With a variety of styles, colors, and installation options, garage flooring and organization has never been more stylish or affordable. Ohio Garage Interiors … Continue reading “Garage Floor Epoxy”