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Dr. Laura Adelman and one of her patients. Children's dentist near me.

Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry | Children’s Dentist Near Me

If you are searching “Children’s Dentist Near Me,” you will find everything you need with Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry. GBPD specializes in making the dentist’s office experience as comfortable as possible for all children. Creating a welcoming and comfortable environment is an ever-present goal for the GBPD staff. To enhance each child’s experience, the staff encourages the curiosity inherent in children. They answer all your child’s questions by explaining everything in child-friendly terms they can easily understand. Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry teaches children to truly enjoy their visit to the dentist.

Dental Technologies | Children’s Dentist Near Me

Not only does the GBPD staff excel at creating a positive dentist’s office environment for children, but they also constantly look for ways to improve dental hygiene technologies at their disposal. The application of increasingly advanced technologies is crucial for improving the dental hygiene experience. When the technology receives an upgrade, so does the efficiency and gentleness of the treatment.

X-Rays with Less Radiation Exposure

Traditional x-ray machines produce radiation that is safe for children; however, most parents are understandably concerned about x-ray radiation exposure. GBPD has taken measures to address these concerns. They now offer digital radiography. This procedure produces 70% less radiation than traditional x-ray machinery. Digital radiography also means faster imaging, which will shorten your stay at the dentist’s office.

In addition to these other advantages, digital radiography also produces higher quality imagery. Traditional x-ray machinery only uses 16 to 25 shades of gray to create the contrast, lowering the image’s sharpness overall. With digital radiography, however, 256 different shades of gray create a much clearer image of your child’s teeth. The sharper images allow for the dentists of GBPD to make the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Laser Dentistry

When people hear the phrase “laser technology,” they tend to think it sounds like science-fiction; however, laser technology has become a highly useful tool in the world of dental technology. Pediatric dentistry is only one of the medical areas that applies laser technology. The dentists of Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Adelman and Dr. Rosen, are certified in laser dentistry. The GBPD team began offering this technology in 2015, and it has improved the dentist’s office experience for many children.

Cavities can still find a way to develop even with a healthy diet and consistent brushing habits. The large majority of children think receiving a filling causes immense discomfort, unsurprisingly; however, the Solea laser GBPD employs makes the experience much less uncomfortable.

The Dentists of GBPD | Children’s Dentist Near Me

Dr. Laura Adelman (DMD) has many years of experience working in pediatric dentistry, having spent an extra two years training after her time in dental school. She has built her career by dedicating herself to the dental health of children from infancy into adulthood. Dr. Adelman studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. She also received her postdoctoral training at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospitals of Cleveland as well as Case Western Reserve’s School of Dentistry.

Dr. Rachel Rosen (DDS) is also an experienced dentist at GBPD. She was born and raised in Orange Village, Ohio, and she received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Ohio State University. Dr. Rosen then finished her Doctorate of Dental Surgery, and she also went through an extra two years of training. Then, at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Rosen received her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies with a pediatric dental residency. Also, in addition to her high-quality educations, she has immense experience in caring for infants, children, and adolescents with special healthcare needs.

Dr. Laura Adelman and Dr. Rachel Rosen are not only qualified to give children a pleasant dentist’s office experience, but they are also incredibly passionate about the work they do. If you have been searching for a “Children’s Dentist Near Me,” Dr. Adelman and Dr. Rosen of Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry are exactly who you’re looking for.