6 Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances

6 Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances

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6 Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances | Volume Effect

For large runs and harsh environments, in particular, you depend on tight tolerances.  For this reason, it is crucial that you and your team are mindful of factors affecting rubber tolerances when collaborating with molders.  Some of these factors include 

  • Both Environmental and Storage Conditions
    • Humidity
      • Varying absorption of moisture can change measurements across pieces.
      • Fabricators must note this absorption in dimensions
    • Temperature
      • Different rubber compounds expand in different ways in response to different temperatures.
  • Shrinkage 
    • Fabricators cannot completely eliminate shrinkage.
    • It is a normal part of the rubber cooling process.  
  • Distortion
    • Both temperature and stretching can warp rubber.  
    • Distortion can obstruct measuring.
  • Both Trim and Finish
    • Consider flash removal errors.
    • Be mindful of tumbling mistakes.  
  • Inserts
    • Consider insert fit, hold spacing, temperature, and location.
    • Inserts have tolerance specifications specific to them.
  • Design of Molds
    • Consider the accuracy of the mold register.
    • Slight variances exist for all molded pieces.  

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