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Becker Pumps of Canada leads the Industrial Vacuum Pump industry in innovative designs

With Becker Canada, finding the most reliable industrial vacuum pump is no longer a challenge. Using the best in vacuum technology is important for your industry. Becker Canada’s expert staff manufacturers machinery that is ideal in a wide range of different industries and applications.

We can help you discern which of our industrial vacuum pumps or rotary vane vacuum pumps is best for your industry. As a result, you get the most for your money and ideal efficiency from your machinery. Choosing Becker Canada means you get high quality, high performing machinery with superior engineering.

Becker Pumps of Canada leads the vacuum pump industry in innovative designs; Building the Industrial Vacuum Pumps keeping them facility user and maintenance providers in mind. At Becker Pumps of Canada, you don’t have to struggle to figure out the best industrial vacuum pump system for your medical or industrial requirements, their team of experts will assist in what system is best for you.

Industrial Vacuum Pump | Becker Pumps Canada

Our industrial vacuum pumps play integral roles in various industrial applications, including:

  • Medical and Surgical Fields
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Composite RTM
  • Woodworking
  • Printing and Paper
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Science Lab Settings
  • Blast Removal for Air, Dust, or Moisture
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Industrial Amination
  • Sanitation
  • Water Purification
  • Automotive Industry
  • Tire Production

Advantage-D Oil-less Medical/Industrial Vacuum Pumps

The Advantage-D Oil Industrial Vacuum Pump systems are dry central vacuum systems, which are effective in medical applications. They are particularly effective in applications involving air, inert gases, or moderate amounts of water vapor. These models are compact and can easily pass through 36-inch doorways.

Additionally, the Advantage-D pumps offer the following features:

  • Tank-mounted or Modular/Expandable Arrangements
  • Field Expandable Up to 6 Pumps
  • Automatic Alternating and Cascading Controls
  • 18 to over 2600 CFM Capacities
  • Meet Current NFPA 99 Requirements for Medical/Surgical Use

Furthermore, Advantage-D vacuum pump systems are great in situations in which water or oil is undesirable. These applications include vacuum chucking, graphic arts, packaging, material handling, robotics, and many more!

Why Choose Becker Pumps?

Efficient Industrial Vacuum Pumps

  • Less Installed Horsepower for Max Efficiency.
  • Greater Hold Down Force per Horsepower
  • Low Maintenance Needs
  • Easy and Quick to Maintain and Repair

Experienced & Attentive Customer Service

  • Phone Calls Answered by “Live” Employees
  • Experienced Tech Support
  • Knowledgeable Inside Sales and Customer Service
  • Quicker Turnaround
  • Factory-trained In-house Repair
  • Genuine Becker Replacement Parts
  • Large Inventory of Pumps and Parts
  • Same-day Shipping Available.

Becker Pumps Canada is an industry leader in creating advanced machinery with innovative design practices. They are continuously focused on the enhancement of their industrial vacuum pumps, so their customers are always receiving the most efficiency and vacuum output. Becker also provides its customers with some of the best warranties on the market. Breakdowns lost production and maintenance can be incredibly costly to your business. Therefore, Becker keeps a massive stop of genuine Becker replacement parts with an expert team of repair specialists. As a result, customers can more easily keep their Becker Canada industrial vacuum pump systems at peak performance.

About Becker Pumps Canada

Becker Pumps Canada is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency vacuum pump machinery. In fact, they have been creating vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, compressors, and other forms of air machinery since 1885.

Becker Pumps Canada maintains an unyielding dedication to creating increasingly efficient, innovative vacuum pump solutions. The continuous improvement of their machinery has allowed them to maintain their position as an industry-leading developer of air machinery. As a result, various industries depend on Becker for vacuum pump equipment including medicine, surgery, food packaging, and more!

If you are looking for high-efficiency vacuum pump machinery for your facility, contact Becker Pumps Canada today or visit our website to see our selection of vacuum pumps at