Kismet Cafe

Welcome to Kismet Cafe

Kismet Cafe was Founded 2001.  We are a family-owned restaurant. Serving Stow For 15 years, Kismet Cafe Is a popular Cafe with Kent State University students. We serve Hearty and Healthy Food that is Homemade and Tastes Like Home.

Kismet Cafe serves Authentic, High Quality, Affordable Food.

Kismet Cafe is a casual all-day restaurant.

The Kismet Cafe menu re-imagines Mideast flavors for current-day Ohio.

Our food is meant to be eaten with friends, so come hungry and bring lots of company.

We get all our ingredients from small, local growers and forge personal relationships with all of our farmers and producers.

Kismet Cafe has a 15% service charge which allows us to provide equal wages to all of our employees. However, a service charge is not the same as gratuity. Gratuity is  optional.

Come see us soon!