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Legal Transcription Services | E-Typist

Attorneys and law firms in need of legal transcription services should contact E-Typist. They can provide transcriptions quickly and reliably at an unbeatable quality. The E-Typist staff is highly experienced in transcribing interviews, reports, investigations and pleadings, and much more. Not only does E-Typist offer a variety of services at an impeccable quality, but they also maintain affordable prices for all of their clients; thus, E-Typist is a leader in legal transcription services.

E-Typist Service Options | Legal Transcription

When working with E-Typist, a paralegal will work with you directly. They will manage any communications, documents, and filings in an efficient, secure manner. Furthermore, there are many different options for communicating with your personal paralegal, and E-Typist can adapt to give your practice the best possible service.

E-Typist has immense experience in assisting legal professionals with transcription. They work quickly while maintaining secure confidentiality with no setup fees. Furthermore, E-Typist offers same-day delivery or 24-hour turnaround services as well as storage and access to their website portal through your personal devices.

With E-Typist, skilled typists can transcribe a wide variety of legal documents including depositions, pleadings, and much more. The following is a short list of items that E-Typist can transcribe:

  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Investigative Reports
  • Property, Casualty, and Liability Reports
  • Recorded Statements
  • Surveillance Reports
  • Telephone Court Hearings
  • Verbatim testimony of court proceedings from audiotape, CD, and DVD
  • Videotaped depositions, focus groups, interviews, speeches, etc.
  • Wills and Trust Documents

However, this is just a segment of E-Typist’s service capabilities. The staff of E-Typist contains highly skilled typists that have significant law office experience. They are capable of adapting to different speaking styles and accents, ensuring clear and accurate transcriptions every time.

About E-Typist | Legal Transcription

E-Typist is led by President and CEO Vivian Saxe. Vivian founded E-Typist after her 25-year career working with private practice attorneys and municipal court judges. Now, after 11 years, E-Typist has serviced countless attorney clients, and they also employ many skilled typists on both full-time and part-time.

In 2010, E-Typist partnered with ChartNet Technologies to manage the increase in volume and demand of their services. ChartNet secures the E-Typist transcription platform, ensuring all files are accounted for. They maintain the organization and confidentiality to ensure the information in client documents remains safe. Security and confidentiality will always be a concern; however, with the combined expertise of the E-Typist staff and the ChartNet system, there are many checks and balances in place to adapt security to the world of increasingly advanced technology.

Vivian and the E-Typist staff are always pushing to provide high-quality transcriptions in short amounts of time. They want to help each individual client with their specific needs while also maintaining unparalleled efficiency. With the use of cloud technology, clients are paired with e-typists that will best fit their office’s needs. If your practice focuses specifically on criminal cases, bankruptcy, real estate, etc., E-Typist will match you with a virtual assistant with skills and experience that will suit your area of practice.

Any attorneys and law firms in need of reliable, efficient legal transcription services should contact E-Typist. Their expert staff will provide you with clear transcriptions for any variety of documents you have.