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If someone had told me that recruiting, developing websites to attract potential employees to advertised Ohio truck driving jobs, would be the focus of  our SEO efforts, I’d think they were crazy.  Until now, our SEO efforts have been focused on building traffic and new business for our clients, but when it comes to the trucking industry, they don’t need business, they need truck drivers, and lots of them.  We’re beating out indeed and other career sites for the top positions, if you Google flatbed truck driving jobs, you’ll now see our clients.

Our writers are hard at work developing content and our designers developing on-line ads.  The whole Site.bz team is rallying to help find new drivers for our clients.  We’re using the latest Google tools, including silos and lots and lots of fresh content and high powered back links.  So if you are looking for new employee recruiting ideas, consider SEO.  We can build an entire recruiting site for you and market your company to potential employees as we would market to new customers.  Marketing, both traditional and online marketing works!