POP Displays | With NEOPOP

POP displays means point of purchase. With NEOPOP, the leading manufacturer of POP displays in Northeast Ohio, they will make sure that your products are displayed properly and effectively to boost your sales. With over 25 years of experience, the team blends engineering, creativity, powerful marketing design and state-of-the-art manufacturing to deliver merchandising, POP displays and display stands to give your business an edge over other competitors. The designs from NEOPOP are made to be either fixed or temporary while cultivating your brand and attracting customers.

The POP displays come in a variety of styles and selections. There are wood, plastic, and even commercial millworking. The broad in-house manufacturing process allows products and displays to be made on site which also lowers cost for the buyer. Whether you want trendy woodworking, stylish metal displays or simple plastic, NEOPOP can provide you with what you need to better your sales and customer satisfaction. Showcase your merchandise today with their durable and hi-impact displays today. You won’t be sorry you did!