Choosing the Right Material to Streamline Your Rubber Extrusion Process

Choosing the Right Material to Streamline Your Rubber Extrusion Process

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The Northeast Ohio community of businesses has a distinct history and legacy of excellence in the processing and fabrication of rubber.  Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding continues the tradition with a premier rubber extrusion process, top-quality rubber molding services, and exceptional customer service.  In all, if you and your colleagues have been looking for reliable rubber extrusion services for your next project, then you can feel confident in teaming up with Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding.  

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Optimizing the Rubber Extrusion Process | Cross Section

Each project is different, and certain materials are ideal for certain situations.  For this reason, it is essential to get the most out of the rubber extrusion process by setting aside time to select the rubber material for your project so you can ensure the most efficient process.  You can do this most effectively by partnering with rubber fabrication professionals. Though no two applications are exactly alike, some compounds and their advantages include

  • EPDM 
    • Resistance to both steam and liquid water
    • Ease of fabrication 
    • Low level of electrical conductivity
    • Use in HVAC and auto tasks, for example
  • Butyl
    • Environmentally friendly composition
    • Resistance to ozone
    • Resistance to several common gases
    • Use in various industrial liners
  • Neoprene 
    • Resistance to both heat and oil
    • Exceptional flexibility
    • Flame retardant nature
    • Value to transportation and wire and cable businesses, for example
  • Nitrile
    • Resistance to water 
    • Use in sealing
    • High tensile strength 
    • Value to auto and oil tasks, for example 

The rubber extrusion process consists of the forced motion of a starting quantity of rubber through a die of a set cross-section.  This fabrication method is ideal for seals, hoses, and tubing.  Even though the process remains constant, an efficient result depends on the choice of material. 

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Overall, Wadsworth, Ohio’s Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding provides top tier custom rubber molding services at an affordable price.  In fact, client businesses across a wide range of industries count on Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding for 

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