3 Options for Your Rubber Molding Process

3 Options for Your Rubber Molding Process

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3 Options for Your Rubber Molding Process

If you and your team have been planning to use custom rubber parts for your next project, then your rubber molding process of choice can make or break your results.  When you partner with rubber manufacturing experts, you can choose the right method for both your product goals and your budget. Three options for your rubber molding process include

Injection Molding | Rubber Molding Process

Rubber fabricators adapted the process during the 1960s from a procedure for molding plastics.  This process involves the carving of part’s inverse into a mold. Heated rubber plasticizes and then enters the heated mold to vulcanize and reach end temperature.  

Compression Molding | Rubber Molding Process

For this process, fabricators shape a piece of rubber into a determined “preform” to place at one side of a mold.  The two sides of the mold then close in a “waffle iron” fashion” to create the shape of the finished product.  

Transfer Molding | Rubber Molding Process

In a similar way to compression molding, this process involves the exertion of pressure on preforms.  However, with transfer molding, a mold plate with an attached plunger presses rubber into sprues to form the finished product.  

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The professionals from Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding have the capabilities to fabricate an impressive range of rubber materials, including 

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