5 Basic Steps of Rubber to Metal Bonding

5 Basic Steps of Rubber to Metal Bonding 

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5 Basic Steps of Rubber to Metal Bonding | Metal Components 

Have you and your colleagues been looking for custom rubber to metal bonding services for your next project?  Here’s a general overview of the process.  

  • Both Elastomer Selection and Preparation

    • Clients and fabricators decide on a rubber material and then create rubber pellets or strips to then heat and plasticize for molding. 
  • Preparation of Surface

    • During this step, fabricators remove all oils from bonding surfaces and store the metal in an environment that is both clean and low in humidity.  
  • Application of Both Primer and Adhesive

    • Next, fabricators apply the substances that will bond the rubber to the metal.  Different manufacturers use different adhesives and different numbers of coats.  
  • Rubber Molding

    • Materials then undergo either the transfer, injection or compression molding process.  
  • Product Testing

    • Fabricators finally test a specific number of pieces in the set of products.  This step includes confirmation of tensile strength, ensuring that a break is in the rubber and not in a bond.

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