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SiteBiz Design is a leading Ohio digital marketing company that works with businesses in a wide variety of industries. If you are looking for school bus driver training near me, you can rely on the School Bus Safety Company, a valued client of We work with the School Bus Safety Company, so we can give them the digital marketing tools they need.
While SBSC provides its customers with the CDL training resources they need, SiteBiz Design executes advanced digital marketing strategies. As a result, SBSC is better equipped to compete in its industry and reach a larger audience of customers.
Anyone looking for school bus driver training near me can earn their official bus driver’s license with the help of the SBSC driver training course. Their program includes a wide variety of educational courses and subjects, so it ensures each student learns all the safety and driving skills they need. In fact, the SBSC’s training program offers 25 subjects, and every course is designed to be easily understood by all applicants.
Many past bus driver applicants have failed to receive their certification due to subpar CDL school programs. As a result, they were not prepared to finish the CDL written test, which is a requirement of completing certification.
With the SBSC school bus driver training course, however, applicants receive the education they need to prepare for the exam and learn many driving and safety skills. Furthermore, many students of the SBSC training program pass on their first attempt.

25 subjects! | School bus driver training near me

  1. Best Safety Practices
  2. Defensive Driving
  3. Meet the Bus
  4. Pre & Post-Trip Inspections
  5. Mirror Adjustment & Reference Points
  6. Check Your Brakes
  7. Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
  8. Adverse Conditions
  9. Mountain Driving
  10. Driver Fatigue
  11. Driver Distractions
  12. Preventing Harassment
  13. Drugs & Alcohol
  14. Safe Bus Stops
  15. Student Management
  16. Extreme Student Behavior
  17. Sleeping Children
  18. Intersections
  19. Safe Backing
  20. Railroad Crossings
  21. Danger Zones
  22. Power Lines
  23. Preparing Students to Learn
  24. Emergency Evacuations
  25. Post Accident Procedures

About the School Bus Safety Company

School Bus Safety Company | School Bus Driver Training Near Me
The School Bus Safety Company is a leader in the development of bus driver training programs in the U.S. Most notably, they have been able to help countless applicants receive their bus driver licenses. In fact, they have worked with 6 of the 10 largest contractors, 450 transit agencies, and many other distinguished transit organizations.
SBSC President Jeff Cassell leads the development of these programs. Cassell oversaw the safety practices of the Laidlaw Group for 21 years, developing a better understanding of the transit industry. The Laidlaw Group’s drivers operated a total of 2,400 Greyhound Motorcoaches, 6,000 transit buses, and 38,000 school buses during Cassell’s time.
Now, Cassell leads the SBSC, which has helped over 3,000 school districts and transit companies implement their educational bus driver training courses.

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If you are looking for school bus driver training near me in Ohio, contact the School Bus Safety Company today! Learn more about the School Bus Safety Company on the SiteBiz Design Blog or visit their website.