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Whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or you have a casual interest in wine tasting, M Cellars will give you an experience you will not forget. As one of the best Geneva wineries, M Cellars has developed a respectable reputation for Ohio wines. When visiting M Cellars’ Geneva winery and tasting room, customers get to taste a variety of Artisan, handcrafted, cool climate wines; furthermore, M Cellars offers a selection of delicious appetizer to complement your wine of choice.

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About M Cellars | Best Geneva Wineries

Matt and Tara Meineke began as hobbyists, enjoying wine with friends in their garage in Mentor, Ohio, dating back to 2003; however, this hobby would soon become a true passion for both of them. They were inspired by their trips to Canada and discovering Niagara-on-the-Lake. Matt and Tara wanted to bring this culture back to their hometown, so they began working on creating a business of their own.

After years of preparation, Matt and Tara were able to open the M Cellars winery in 2012. Now, they have become the best of wineries in Geneva. Not only are the wines incredible, but the overall M Cellars experience in awe-inspiring. The friendly yet refined atmosphere and delicious appetizers are chosen to complement each specific wine create an unparalleled wine tasting affair.

Matt and Tara continue to visit Canada to ensure they are current with all cool-climate viticulture and winemaking. They use the region as a means to measure their success and discover where they can improve further. Northeast Ohio now has unbeatable options for high-quality wines. M Cellars satisfy all customers regardless of their level of interest in wine tasting.

Join the Inner Circle

Loyal M Cellars customers have the option to join the Inner Circle and gain many exclusive benefits. Inner Circle members receive an email from M Cellars twice a year with the winemaker’s choices of wine or will be given an option to make their own choices before the wine is shipped; however, members may also choose to have the wine held at the location and attend a pick-up party to pick up their shipment. For 12 bottle purchases, shipping prices are complimentary.

Inner Circle members also receive special treatment during their visits:

  • Complimentary tastings for members.
  • Exclusive access to offerings of new releases and library wines unavailable to the public
  • Preferred pricing on all bottle purchases.
  • Wine Club Pick-Up Party
  • And More!

If you are looking for local, high-quality wines in Northeast Ohio, M Cellars is #1 in Geneva wineries. Their standards for both their wines and customer service are unmatched, offering a unique experience for all customers whether they are wine aficionados or casual wine tasting, hobbyists. Learn more about M Cellars on the SiteBiz Design Blog or contact them directly at 440.361.4104.