The Best Large Injection Molding Companies for Your Goals

Searching for Large Injection Molding Companies?

Lerner Molded Plastics is a group of large injection molding companies that offer the highest quality of contract plastics manufacturers. From simple to complex product development, no other molding manufacturers can outsource Lerner Molded Plastics.  

With over 25 years of experience, Lerner Molded Plastics Companies consists of long-established and financially successful companies that offer the most efficient and competitive priced manufacturing process to its customers.

To list, Lerner Molded Plastics offers premier injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, rotational molding, thermoforming, tool design and tool build. In addition, client businesses count on Lerner Molded Plastics for full supply chain capabilities as well as decorating, assembly and packaging. 

When your business depends on large part injection molded OEM’s, you can trust on Lerner Molded Plastics to deliver not only the highest quality as well as cost-effective to meet the needs of any budget. 

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Large Injection Molding Services From Lerner Molded Plastics

Lerner Molded Plastics is an ISO-certified company that can efficiently produce high-quality injection molded parts in large volumes. Additionally, the company specializes in manufacturing parts with multi-cavity molds. 

Lerner is a full-service large plastic parts manufacturing company with versatile product development and engineering insert molding capabilities. Additionally, they offer a diverse selection of plastic materials, including thermoplastic and thermoset molding with custom colors. 

With injection molding machines ranging from clamping forces of 30 to 3,000 tons with as much as 64 cavities, they are capable of accommodating a wider range of dimensions and shot sizes from 3 to 600 ounces.

Additional services including designed mold making, mold tool, finishing, supply chain management, and logistical support services. 

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Blow Molding Services

Lerner provides its blow molding process to a myriad of industries. Supplying houseware, automotive, furniture, and other various industries with the part production they require.  With its advanced molding machinery capabilities of both single and dual-head configurations, and 40-pound capacity they can create plastic products small to large including complex designs and multiple cavities.

Additionally, they employ advanced shuttle press systems. Therefore, resulting in quicker cycle times for high-volume projects. Secondary operations to enhance the blow molding process include ultrasonic welding, post-molding assembly and part decorating. Additional complete supply chain services include sourcing, packaging, warehousing, inventory control, Kanbans and logistical support.

When your business depends on large part blown molded OEM’s, you can trust on Lerner Molded Plastics to deliver not only the highest quality as well as cost-effective to meet the needs of any budget. 

Plastic Extrusion Services 

Lerner Molded Plastics is a UL-certified molder operation and an ISO-certified company. For over 25 years the team has been delivering high-quality plastic extrusion services for OEMs, including automotive and consumer products worldwide. 

Specializing in developing single, co, and tri-extruded plastic pipes, tubes, and profiles. Capable of extruding 12 inches of circumscribing diameters cut to any custom length. Additional capabilities include combining materials and features, meeting any stringent requirements for flame-retardant and food-grade applications. 

When your business depends on complex prototyping extrusion products, you can trust Lerner Molded Plastics to deliver not only the highest quality as well as cost-effective to meet the needs of any budget. 

Rotational Molding Services 

Rotational Molding is another Lerner Molded Plastics specialty. When you need custom larger parts in lower volume runs this process is ideal for you. 

With its state-of-the-art molding equipment, they are capable of creating parts up to 25 feet in length and capacities up to 175 pounds. Additionally, they offer secondary assembly and machining services. As well as providing barcoding, part decorating, labeling, supply chain, and logistical support services. 

Thermoforming Services 

Lerner Molded Plastics also provides high-precision thermoforming services. Using advanced in-line thermoforming equipment for thin-gauge, high-production output, including single0station equipment and rotary machines for heavy-gauge thermoforming. Additionally, they offer twin-sheet vacuum forming services as well. 

Capabilities include them to create components up to 15 feet in length for both male and female tooling. Additionally, they employ CNC trimming equipment allowing for the most accurate trim tolerances. Secondary services include barcoding, part decorating, and labeling. And they will assist customers with logistical support that includes product distribution and supply chain services. 

Contacting a Leader Among Large Injection Molding Companies 

Are you an OEM looking to set up a manufacturing base to deliver plastic products throughout the United States? Are you searching to launch a brand new product offering? Do you want the most competitive bid for your existing product or product line?  When searching for large injection molding companies, and If you answered yes to any of the above questions contact Lerner Molded Plastics to learn more about how they can take your next OEM project to a higher level. 

Why Choose Lerner Molded Plastics?

Have you and your colleagues been comparing large injection molding companies? Without a doubt, the Lerner and Associates team takes pride in offering premier plastic customization. Operating an ISO-certified facility, the team commits to rigid quality control from the beginning design phase to the end plastic products.

Exceeding customers’ expectations and requirements with progress reporting, first product inspection, production part approval process (PPAP), and pre-production sampling. This quality management system allows for the plastics manufacturers to provide detailed information ensuring your project meets standards for both compliance and quality. Lerner Molded Plastics leads the way among large injection molding companies. To learn more about how Lerner Molded Plastics distinguishes itself among large injection molding companies, visit today.

To list, Lerner and Associates customers benefit from lower costs, high precision, tight tolerances, fast turnaround, wide material selection, durability, lightweight parts and more. Connect with the team today to start getting the most out of your next project.