3 Tips for Designing Custom Large Plastic Parts

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Have you been planning to customize large plastic parts for your next project? The Lerner Molded Plastics team commits to providing top quality plastic fabrication services. Without a doubt, you and your colleagues can count on the Lerner Molded Plastics team for your next project.

With this in mind, you can learn more about the customization of large plastic parts from Lerner Molded Plastics by visiting the company website. Reach out today to find out how the dedicated team of professionals from Lerner Molded Plastics could add to your next project.

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3 Design Tips for Large Part Plastics | Plastic Injection Molding

Have you and your colleagues been planning to use custom plastic parts for your next project?  When it comes to saving on production costs, it’s all about your design process. See below to learn about how you and your team can streamline your process.

In most cases, it will be best to avoid undercuts. Undercuts are areas that cannot form from the regular opening and shutting of a tool. In all, you can reduce production costs by avoiding these. Implementing both lifters and slides can help you and your team work around the limitations of undercuts. However, it is crucial to allow for between two and three times the width of the part to accommodate movement.

You and your team should also prototype as early as possible. Doing so can both allow for early testing and a reduction of tooling costs.

Overmolding could also help you save the cost of manually placing any applicable gaskets, but it can raise up-front costs. Are you and your colleagues ready to move forward with your next project? If so, then connect with the Lerner Molded Plastics team today to learn more.

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Does your next project require durable large plastic parts? For more than 20 years, the dedicated team from Lerner Molded Plastics has provided leading production of large plastic parts and more. The company has become a go-to resource for companies all over Northeast Ohio and beyond.

When you partner with the fabrication experts from Lerner Molded Plastics, the possibilities for customization are endless. To find out more about the customization of large plastic parts, visit https://www.lernerandassoc.com/ today. If your next project requires durable plastic components, then you can feel confident in counting on the experts from Lerner Molded Plastics.