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Are you searching for reliable metal stamping companies in Ohio that offer consistent quality and precision? Progressive Machine Die is a leading metal component manufacturing and metal stamping die design company, so they can customize metal stampings to your exact specifications. Most importantly, Progressive Machine Die metal stamping services offer unparalleled precision and efficiency with competitive pricing.

PMD’s staff of metal stamping experts offers immense experience in metal component design, prototyping, and production. As a leader in the metal stamping industry, PMD uses its experience in combination with advanced stamping presses. As a result, they can solve potential issues prior to developing tooling and die. So, they can more accurately produce the parts you need while meeting your exact application requirements.

Furthermore, PMD can work either with existing customer designs or develop brand new designs to meet unique application requirements. They will work by your side from the beginning design phases all the way through to final production. So, they can provide the expert guidance and recommendations you need to develop the parts you need. If you are looking for manufacturing of custom metal parts, Progressive Machine Die advanced metal stamping services are the ideal solution.

Why choose PMD over competing metal stamping companies in Ohio?

When you choose PMD, you receive exceptional products and services from a leading manufacturer of metal stampings. In fact, PMD is entirely American owned and operated, using materials only found here in the United States. So, you can trust them to deliver products of superior quality and value.

Most notably, PMD offers many years of experience in all areas of custom metal stamping. So, they can more readily create a full range of both standard and custom components. Some of the more common components PMD manufacturers include washers, hangers, conduit straps, and many other electrical components. PMD combines their knowledge of metal stamping with advanced metal stamping machinery, so they can offer high-speed, precision service and meet their customers’ quality and performance standards.

Superior progressive die stamping services

Progressive die stamping is a unique metal forming process that offers higher precision and efficiency in the production of custom metal parts in comparison to other metal stamping techniques. PMD’s metal stamping methods shape and bend the materials to reconfigure the metal into the desired component. Die stamping involves feeding the metal into a custom die. The die functions as a cookie-cutter for metal, featuring several workstations each with their own metal forming task to complete.

PMD’s state-of-the-art die stamping equipment can bend, cut, draw, punch, shave, emboss, and coin materials. So, they can more accurately create the components you need. Die stamping also allows PMD to more readily customize your part’s design to meet even the most challenging dimensional requirements.

Progressive die stamping processes also offer faster production and more precise control for meeting tight tolerance requirements. In addition, PMD offers quicker lead times and competitive to ensure you receive the parts you need without overspending.

Advanced metal stamping equipment

Precision and uniformity are central to PMD’s progressive die stamping processes. Thus, they have equipped their expert staff with the industry’s most advanced metal stamping presses. As a result, they can more consistently meet and exceed your quality and performance requirements regardless of the industry or application.

In fact, PMD’s manufacturing facility operates nine Nilson four-slides ranging from S-1-F to S-4-F. So, they are capable of processing a more comprehensive range of metal materials. These materials include stainless steel, galvanized steel, low and high-carbon steel, aluminum, and various other non-ferrous materials with thicknesses from .010 to .060.

As a leading manufacturer of metal components, PMD works to give each of their customers the best possible metal stamping solutions for their application. So, they are constantly improving upon their metal stamping methods and looking for new ways to innovate.

High-quality metal materials

Another advantage of working with PMD is its vast network of material suppliers. PMD has long-term professional relationships with many distinguished suppliers, so they can get the high-quality materials you need at prices you can afford. Furthermore, acquiring materials from proven suppliers ensures PMD can maintain the highest safety and quality standards in the metal stamping industry.

Reliable communication practices

PMD’s loyalty does not lie only with its material suppliers, however. Fulfilling customer needs and providing attentive service is a top priority for PMD. Communication is a crucial part of effective customer service. So, they are always ready and willing to respond quickly to any changes in customer projects. PMD’s team will ask the right questions and listen to your input, so they can respond appropriately and deliver the parts you need.

About PMD | Metal Stamping Companies in Ohio

PMD has maintained its position as a leader among metal stamping companies in Ohio because it can readily meet and exceed the quality standards of their customers. In fact, various industries depend on PMD for their metal parts including hardware, gas distribution, bearings, and more!

PMD’s dedication to quality and precision for progressive die stamping extends back to its inception in 1963. Now, PMD has the tools and experience to meet even the most complex and challenging specifications for national and international customers. If you are looking for metal stamping companies in Ohio, do not hesitate to contact Progressive Machine Die or visit our website at

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