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If you live in a big city, you’ve certainly walked over vaulted sidewalks. A vaulted sidewalk is one that is not placed directly on the ground. Instead, they have an empty space below where the “ground level” used to be. This is a common occurrence in cities that have raised their street level over time, as construction and advancements changed the landscape.

Cities like New York and Chicago have battled with the potential dangers of a vaulted sidewalk. After all, if there’s a vaulted sidewalk around a building, it could create a dangerous and unstable place to park. However, because large American cities have been growing for decades, oftentimes a vaulted sidewalk is only visible during construction projects. These projects may reveal an original street level and demonstrate the vaulted sidewalk effect.

Still, in other situations, a vaulted sidewalk is an opportunity for creativity. With sidewalk vault lights for sale, you can light up this space and create a fresh and new effect.


What Are Pavement Lights?

Pavement lights, also called floor lights or vault lights, began as a way to illuminate a space that did not have natural lighting. When they were first developed, pavement lights were used as a way to light a space without using traditional methods of lighting such as gas, oils, and candles. Now, with the development of electricity and other modern comforts, pavement lights have taken on a new purpose.

Traditionally, pavement lights were installed in a vaulted sidewalk through slightly raised glass bumps. These “bumps” were inserted into the pavement and therefore allowed sunlight to pour into spaces beneath the sidewalk. The look that this created on a vaulted side is now seen as iconic and historical, which is probably why designers and architects are resurrecting this old method. 


Modern Day Pavement Lights

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Today, due to technological innovations, designers can reimagine an application for pavement lights that extends far beyond a vaulted sidewalk. In fact, these lights can be used in skylights, deck lights, risers, stair treads, landings, and bridges.

Once you know what modern pavement lights look like, you’ll start noticing them everywhere. Retail stores can use these lights to add a touch of design that welcomes visitors into their store. Art galleries can use pavement lights to create a stimulating visual effect. For a more practical application, homeowners can use this style of design for their basement windows.

Maybe you have considered investing in pavement lights for sale, but are concerned about the pavement lights cost. The cost of your project will largely depend on the application of the lights, and how big your project is in scale. For a slightly different aesthetic, you may consider concrete or cast iron panels for interior and exterior applications. These panels can be customized to meet specifications, and can serve as a finishing touch on your design project.


Open Up Design Possibilities With Pavement Lights For Sale

The historical appeal and appearance of sidewalk lights for sale makes them a great opportunity for design experimentation. Plus, depending on the pavement lights manufacturer, you should be able to customize this part of your project in a way that fits your vision. So not only are you adding on a meaningful design component, but you can tailor it to your specifications.

Talk to manufacturers about their pavement lights cost before you make a final decision. Once you find a supplier who has the means and resources to help with your project, you’ll be on your way to a successful addition of pavement lights.