Carry Deck Crane for Sale | 3 Unique Benefits

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If you are looking for a carry deck crane or any other type of crane equipment, you can rely on TK Cranes. TK Cranes is a leading provider of crane rental solutions in Ohio, so you can find the best equipment for application at a reasonable price.

Carry deck crane for sale | 3 unique benefits

Carry deck cranes are a specialized type of lifting equipment with many unique advantages. In fact, these cranes are useful on virtually any construction or freight-loading job site. TK Cranes has a wide selection of carry deck cranes from many distinguished manufacturers. So, you can depend on them to provide the best equipment for your application.

Check out these 3 unique benefits of carry deck cranes:

Low-profile design

These cranes are ideal for applications requiring low-profile machinery. The carry deck crane’s design allows it to maneuver through tight spaces with low-hanging, overhead obstacles. These cranes are valuable additions to any set of equipment because they can traverse areas larger cranes cannot.

Ability to move heavy loads over short distances

In addition to low-profile maneuverability, these cranes can also move heavy loads over short distances. As a result, you can move any freight to a new location, while navigating through tighter spaces.

Strength, precision, and user-friendly operation

Most notably, TK Cranes offers carry deck cranes with unparalleled durability and user-friendly controls. This allows construction and freight-loading operations to maintain maximum productivity while also ensuring the safety of their workers.

Other crane rental options

In addition to a carry deck crane for sale, you can find many other types of crane equipment with TK Cranes. So, you can find everything you need to fulfill the performance requirements of your application.

Rough-terrain cranes

These cranes are designed to offer higher levels of control and stability when navigating through rough, off-road locations. TK Cranes offers many rough-terrain cranes from quality manufacturers, so you can maintain optimal productivity on your construction site.

Rough-terrain cranes also feature four, large, rubber tires for even more stability on off-road areas. As a result, they are ideal for a wide variety of construction applications. In fact, you will find these cranes at any job site involving rough terrain.

A carry deck crane for sale cannot travel through these rougher areas. So, if your site has large areas of rough terrain, you will need a rough-terrain crane.

Hydraulic Truck Cranes

These cranes are a helpful addition to any construction operation. Hydraulic truck cranes have features you will not find with heavier crane machinery. TK Cranes is a leading provider of crane rental solutions, so they can give you the best truck crane for your application.

Hydraulic truck cranes have a crane mounted directly on top of the truck, so they are perfect for applications involving distanced travel or movement between various job sites. In fact, these cranes can travel at highway speed. As a result, moving between sites is quick and easy. Additionally, this removes the need for specialized transport equipment for your crane, saving you more time and money.

Construction jobs that require workers to complete jobs at higher locations or move heavy objects to these elevations are much simpler with hydraulic truck cranes. These cranes can quickly move workers from ground-level to higher locations. As a result, performing these tasks is safe and easy, maximizing productivity.

Some common applications of hydraulic truck cranes include bridge construction, electrical line maintenance, tree trimming, and freight transportation. If you need lifting equipment for these types of jobs, get in contact with TK Cranes today.

All-terrain cranes

All-terrain cranes essentially combine the advantages of both rough-terrain and hydraulic truck cranes. These cranes feature many more rubber tires to significantly increase control and maneuverability over any type of terrain. If your application involves both off-road and public road navigation, all-terrain cranes the best solution.

Crawler cranes

Crawler cranes get their name from the tracks they use to move. These tracks are aptly named “crawlers.” These cranes offer the advantage of being able to travel on nearly any surface on construction job sites. However, softer soils can prove troublesome for crawler cranes.

Crawler cranes can also move while lifting particularly heavy loads. So, they are much slower and heavier overall than other types of cranes. Thus, they are incapable of moving between job sites without the help of specialized moving equipment.

If your construction operation involves moving large, heavy objects over short distances, crawler cranes are the ideal option. However, if you require more mobility, you may want to consider truck cranes or all-terrain cranes.

TK Cranes offers a diverse catalog of crawler cranes with a wide range of lifting capacities. Additionally, these cranes have user-friendly controls, ensuring safer, more productive operation.

Boom trucks

Boom trucks have similar features to hydraulic truck cranes. These cranes lift workers to higher locations and help them lift heavy objects and equipment to elevated work areas. Applications for boom trucks include tree trimming, maintenance of power lines, window washing, bridge construction, and more.

In addition to high mobility and versatility, boom trucks have large flatbeds. So, you can efficiently move equipment between different job sites. They can also travel over highways high-speed transportation of tools and equipment. At TK Cranes, you can find boom trucks from a wide variety of manufacturers.

About TK Cranes | Carry deck crane for sale

Tom Kasner has over 35 years of experience working in the crane and equipment industry. During his time, he recognized a lack of a trustworthy, professional channel for customers to buy, sell, and market their equipment through. Thus, Tom Kasner created his crane sales company in 2001.

TK Cranes functions under the central goal of providing a reliable, professional channel through which they can represent cranes and equipment. They have become a credible resource in the industry, so customers can rest assured knowing they are working with a reputable company. In fact, TK Cranes has seen 20 years of consistent success. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting cranes, TK Cranes will use their resources and experience to meet all your crane and equipment needs.

Crane brokering services

In addition to buying, selling, and renting cranes, TK Cranes offers brokering services. With his 35 years of industry experience. Tom Kasner can determine the value of cranes and equipment with unmatched accuracy.

TK Cranes also offers access to numerous professional contacts in the crane and equipment industry.  As a result, finding buyers and sellers is much easier and less time-consuming.

Additionally, working through these professional channels will save you more time and money by removing the need for expensive advertising.

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