Using Healthcare AI for the Best Possible Service Delivery

SAIVA Healthcare | Improving Patient Outcomes Through Healthcare Machine Learning

How could healthcare AI help you and your colleagues streamline care delivery? Healthcare teams from across the post-acute care sector depend on exclusive software from SAIVA Healthcare to improve patient outcomes. With this in mind, you can learn more about the SAIVA Healthcare team and its work by visiting the company’s website.

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Improving Patient Outcomes With Healthcare AI | Reduce Hospitalization With SAIVA Healthcare

Have you and your colleagues found yourselves frustrated with traditional Risk Score algorithms or other setups? If so, then exclusive healthcare software from SAIVA Healthcare could provide your ideal solution through machine learning.

Specifically, the software analyzes 24 months of historical EHR data to construct daily feeds and create a custom machine learning sequence for a designated healthcare facility. Without a doubt, you can depend on software from SAIVA Healthcare for meaningful results.

After two weeks of analysis, the software highlights and sorts the patients at the highest risk of decline or hospitalization. Next, the software emails a Daily Risk Report to a nurse. He or she then can use the data to investigate problems and triage.

When you put exclusive software from SAIVA Healthcare to work in your facility, you and your colleagues can benefit from improved patient outcomes, reduced rates of hospitalization, and increased census.

SAIVA Healthcare’s software features an exclusive predictive model. The technology allows for consistent analysis through multiple nurse shifts and gives alerts when patients are at risk of hospitalization within three days.

Using Healthcare AI for the Best Possible Service Delivery

The technology also confirms significant risk factors and highlights a variety of suggested intervention techniques. Reach out to the dedicated team of professionals from SAIVA Healthcare to find out how the company could help you and your colleagues streamline care delivery in your facility.

About SAIVA Healthcare

Need to find out more about AI long term care? Are you and your team ready to take the next step toward more efficient and effective healthcare delivery? If so, then the experts from SAIVA Healthcare could help you. Count on the company’s exclusive technology to improve patient outcomes in your facility.

The SAIVA Healthcare team consists of healthcare technology experts, data scientists, and engineers. This team commits to offering technology solutions that facilitate quick intervention and accurately predict risk.

If you have been looking for a way to maximize efficiency in your facility through healthcare AI, then you can feel confident in counting on SAIVA Healthcare. To learn more about healthcare AI, simply visit today.