How to Expand Your Warehouse with a Custom Mezzanine and Mezzanine Lift

custom mezzanineWhat Is A Custom Mezzanine?

A custom mezzanine is a steel structure that can be manufactured and built to various heights, sizes, and lengths. A custom mezzanine creates a platform that can be used for storing products or simply creating another level for a building without having to add a new wing. Adding a custom mezzanine into a building not only expands what vertical space that is available, but also creates space underneath the platform.

Cogan Mezzanine VS. Mezzanine Lift

There are many different types of mezzanines to choose from. Depending on what you will need for your business or warehouse, one design might be better than the other. What is the difference between the Cogan mezzanine and a mezzanine lift?

A Cogan mezzanine is simply a brand of platform that comes in several sizes and layouts. The Cogan mezzanine is different from a custom mezzanine as it comes in different dimensions and is not customizable. 

A mezzanine lift is an option to add to a mezzanine if you have large items that you need to store on the second floor. The lift is less expensive than an elevator and consists of a lift that is surrounded by a wire cage. These lifts are often referred to as “freight lifts” or “material lifts.”

Benefits Of A Custom Mezzanine

Implementing a mezzanine into your business or warehouse has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars as well as lost time. Not only is investing in a custom mezzanine good for your business, but it also allows you to utilize the vertical space of your building. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a vertical storage unit.

#1 Double The Space

When you set up a mezzanine, it not only creates a second story to the building, but it also allows for the space underneath the mezzanine to be used as additional storage or even an office space.

#2 Aesthetic

A mezzanine sits up high and allows for an open and airy feel to the work environment. This is also a huge plus for businesses that are open to the public to create an organized and clean space.

#3 Added Storage Capacity

Once the new mezzanine is installed you will have double the storage capacity for your products. Not only is this great for when you aren’t quite ready to move into a new building, but it, in turn, also keeps employees safe and the warehouse less cluttered.

Order A Mezzanine

custom mezzanineIf you are ready to maximize your space, it is time to invest in a custom mezzanine. A custom mezzanine will allow you to save money on expanding your space and will last many years. There are many custom mezzanine manufacturers and installers in Northeast Ohio that are ready to help you design your new mezzanine. Learn more about what you can do to improve your warehouse space today.