How to Protect Longboard with Zerust

How to Protect Longboard from Rust

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The risk of rust on longboards

With grip tape, trucks, wheels, and practice to keep in mind, skaters already have their hands full. So, rust is an often-overlooked aspect of longboard care. Longboards typically consist of wood and heavy metals that can handle intense impacts.

However, the most significant hazard for longboards is not extreme riding and stunts. It is rust and corrosion as a result of improper cleaning and storage.

Improper care leaves many of your longboard’s metal parts vulnerable to rust. In fact, a single longboard typically has metal in decks, trucks, bolts, bearings, kingpins, axles, and more. So, rust can cause significant damage to your board if left unattended.

Furthermore, rust poses many financial and safety risks. Rust can lead to expensive repairs and part replacements or even dangerous breaks while riding. So, protecting against rust is crucial for saving money and preventing potential accidents.

How Zerust’s VCI technology prevents longboard rust

Zerust’s VCI technology involves some interesting science, but in short, the VCIs are a type of chemical compound that vaporizes into the air and forms a protective film on metal surfaces. When Zerust is stored with metal belongings in enclosed spaces, the metal surfaces become impervious to rust.

Higher quality longboards are designed with metal compounds that specifically defend against rust forming. However, this protection only does so much, especially if you skate frequently. Even in cases where you catch and treat rust early, the board’s bearings will not be as smooth as before, resulting in a rougher ride.

Titanium and aluminum are also common in longboards, as they cannot rust. However, they are still susceptible to oxidation. Oxidation is a harmful chemical reaction between metal and oxygen that results in corrosion. Although this corrosion will not weaken the metal itself, it can make the surface more brittle and increase the likelihood of broken parts.

With Zerust, you can stop the rust before it gets to your longboard’s metal parts. Zerust offers VCI bags, covers, drawer liners, and vapor capsules, so you can pick the best way to store and protect your longboard. If you are unsure of how to protect longboard with Zerust, their VCI experts can assist you with finding the best product.

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