How Plastic Machining Services Make the Difficult Possible

The Basics of Plastic Machining Services

When it comes to manufacturing, and specifically plastic machining services, there’s hardly anything simple about the processes involved. There’s a variety of variables for manufacturers to consider, so  it can seem daunting to get your project done. In the manufacturing world, whether machining or injection molding, years of experience and education are required to properly complete these complex and difficult projects.

 In the following sections, we’ll review some of the most common plastic services and attempt to make the complicated simple.

Plastic Machining Servicesmachining plastic

By removing layers of material, plastic machining shapes and forms a product. While there are several different processes that can be called plastic machining, the most common forms are turning, milling, and drilling.

  • Turning: When turning,  a tool is fed through the rotating material to cut away stock until the desired shape is achieved. These processes are almost always carried out by lathes.
  • Drilling: When drilling, the material is fixed to a table while drills are rotated into the piece to create holes or ‘bores’ in a part. As drilling is a very simple process, it can be done on both lathes and mills.
  • Milling: When milling, the stock piece is fixed to a movable table while a spindle outfitted with cutting tools is raised and lowered to machine complex forms. Mills and machining centers are used for milling.


Plastic Stamping

Utilizing varying dies, the plastic stamping process cuts shapes out of a strip of extruded plastic sheets or other non-metallic materials.  Using varying pressures during the plastic stamping process  means you can manufacture products that are extremely thin. Stamping is most commonly used for products like washers, gaskets, or other insulators. However, stamping can also be used for other flat shapes.

How Injection Molding Works

It is the industry standard for producing large quantities of plastic parts for commercial and industrial use. Under high pressure, melt liquid is injected into a cavity of a metal die and then rapidly cooled to form a solid object. Depending on the complexity and size of the part, a single cycle may take a few seconds to several minutes to complete. This makes injection molding an ideal process for large batch production. 

Looking for a Reliable Plastic Machining Company?

To find a reliable plastic machining company, look for a team that puts quality, experience, and commitment into every phase of the machining process.  Ask what type of state-of-the-art machining equipment a company carries, and ask about the quality control process. 

Even with attention to detail, everyone knows that time is of the essence. Ask about turnaround times on orders, and see if that lines up with a reasonable price. When it comes to plastic machining services, you’ll have to do your research to find the best fit.