Reliable Large Part Molding From Lerner and Associates

Large Part Molding Specialists in Northeast Ohio 

Have you and your team been searching for large part molding specialists in Northeast Ohio for your next project? If so, then you can feel confident in choosing Lerner and Associates. For more than two decades, the company has committed to offering quality designs at competitive prices. In fact, customers across a diverse range of industries look to Lerner and Associates for reliable plastic injection molding services.

Count on this ISO 9001:2015-certified company to produce high volume runs at the right prices. In fact, Lerner and Associates serves as a large part molding specialist for companies from all over the Northeast Ohio community. If you want to take the next steps in your injection molding customization, then connect with the team today.

Reliable Plastic Injection Molding Services From the Lerner and Associates Team

Count on Lerner and Associates for large part molding. Plastic injection molding refers to the process by which plastic fabricators carve a custom part’s inverse into a mold and then pour molten plastic into the mold. 

Once the material enters the compression molds, it undergoes both heating and mixing. The shot forms in the barrel and the mold closes. The heated plastic then transfers into the mold cavity to cool and harden. After hardening, the mold opens to transfer the part into a bin. 

Lerner and Associates injection molding machines can accommodate shot sizes of 3 to 600 ounces. 

In addition to capabilities of 30 to 3000-ton clamping forces with as many as 64 cavities. 

Therefore, the team is capable of manufacturing high volume parts ranging from small to large. Visit to learn more. 

Comparing Metal Parts and Plastic Parts

Why do so many manufacturers benefit when they make the switch from metal parts to plastic parts? In all, the conversion helps companies to maximize efficiency. For example, the metal to plastics conversion helps companies save on raw material costs and maintain easy access to materials; plastic shortages are nearly non-existent.

In addition, custom plastic fabrication tends to accommodate high volumes more effectively than metal processing. Plastic is also lighter in weight than metal and comes with lower shipping costs than metal. Also, Manufacturers often choose plastic because of its superior tensile strength, accommodation of geometrically complex designs, material selection and resistance to chemicals, for example. 

Count on Lerner and Associates for large part molding. Overall, Lerner and Associates commits to helping your business make the metal to plastics conversion. The Lerner and Associates team would be happy to collaborate with your team for your customization. 

If you have pricing questions, then Lerner and Associates today. Check out to find out how the team could add to your next project.