Certified Plastic Fabrication Company in Ohio

High-Precision Plastic Machining from a Proven Manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable plastic fabrication company for your next project? Then contact Jaco Products! Jaco Products is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic products with efficient, high-speed services and competitive pricing.

In fact, a wide variety of companies in different industries rely on Jaco to handle crucial projects. These industries include military, medical, aerospace, and many more! Jaco Products has over seventy years of experience as a plastic fabrication company and advanced CNC machinery to manufacture the best viable products. They also manufacture products faster with competitive pricing.

If other plastic fabrication companies have refused to manufacture the product you are searching for due to challenging applications or requirements, contact Jaco Products today! Jaco’s in-house engineers welcome these complex challenges. Including, difficult situations where the part cannot be molded with the existing design.

You can rely on Jaco to find the solutions to complete your project. With over seventy years of experience in machining and innovation, Jaco delivers the expertise necessary for meeting any client’s specifications.

What is plastic fabrication?

Plastic fabrication is the design, manufacture, or assembly of plastic products using a wide range of diverse techniques. With plastic fabrication, just about any product can be manufactured. This process has been in high demand for several years and continually proves to be the most favored technique of production. Used for a variety of applications such as: 

  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • And many More 

Industries nationwide rely on these plastic fabricated products for their manufacturing process daily. Jaco is the leading Ohio plastic fabrication company. Consisting of a team that specializes in working with temperamental materials such as: 

  • Thermoplastics
  • Machined Delrin
  • LGF Nylon

When you need to partner with an established plastic fabrication company, you can count on the Jaco team to create high-quality, reliable products for nearly any application.

Is Jaco the right plastic fabrication company for you?

Choosing a partner machine shop is a major investment. For this reason, you and your team will need to set aside time for planning and research if you want to bring your company into the new decade.  Some of the most critical considerations when choosing a collaborator include

  • Compatibility with Your Industry 
  • Online Reviews
  • Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Customer Service Policies
  • Alignment with Both Your Company Goals and Values

Middlefield, Ohio’s Jaco Products has distinguished itself as an exceptional plastic fabrication company.  Businesses across industries depend on Jaco Products for both tight tolerances and timely manufacturing. In fact, client businesses count on the team from Jaco Products for 

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Plastic Machining Services
  • Plastic Injection Molding Services
  • Both Mold and Platen Insulation Services
  • Custom Die Cutting Services
    • Die Cut Washers
    • Die Cut Gaskets
    • Steel Rule Die Cutting Services

About Jaco Products | Plastic Fabrication Company

Jaco Products is a leader among plastic fabrication companies in Ohio, having provided reliable plastic fabrication services since 1948. In fact, their technical staff offers immense experience in all areas of plastic machining. So, they provide the services you need with progressive technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Choosing Jaco Products means you will receive the best in the plastic fabrication industry

As a leader in plastic injection molding services, Jaco Products maintains in-house facilities for tool design, CNC programming, and fixture manufacturing. They also employ computerized manufacturing CAM and CAD to enhance their manufacturing. Furthermore, all of Jaco’s equipment is ISO 9001: 2008 Registered.

If you are looking for a plastic fabrication company in Ohio, Jaco Products offers the expertise you need. Prospective customers can send drawings for potential projects or request estimates, and their staff will readily respond with any information you may need. Contact Jaco Products at 440.632.5800 or visit their website at https://jacoproducts.com/ today and get started on your next project with the plastic fabrication industry’s leading experts.

Jaco Products | Plastic Fabrication Company