Top Reasons To Invest In A Van Ramp | Choose Van Ramps

van rampVan ramps are a great tool for people across many different industries. Not only do they help keep your employees safe but they also can make your job a lot easier.

What Is A Van Ramp?

If you frequently move cargo or own a moving truck, it is important to invest in a high-quality van ramp. Van ramps come in different sizes, shapes, and kinds of materials. A van ramp is simply a piece of equipment typically used to make a smooth transition from the back of a van to the ground. 

Copperloy, a manufacturer in Ohio, manufactures dual ramps for forklift use as well as single van ramps to walk up and down on with dollies. A van ramp ultimately creates a safe transition between a cargo van and the ground, ensuring the worker can transport heavy or fragile materials. 

Uses For Van Ramps

Van ramps are commonly used by professional movers and delivery drivers. Using a high-quality and durable van ramp is important to maintain a productive workplace as well as protect employees from injuries.

The curbs on van ramps can be used to prevent runoff for dollies and carts, which helps to ensure that everything is able to move easily and safely. 

By purchasing and incorporating a van ramp into your daily work routine, you will also decrease wear and tear on your team,  allowing them to work longer hours and with greater efficiency.

The Different Kinds of Van Ramps 

There are many different options to choose from when picking out a ramp for your business. Some of the options for ramps to pick from include: 

    • Stage Ramps-great option for loading/unloading production equipment at show venues
    • Cargo Van Ramps- built for heavy loads but smaller cargo jobs
    • Moving Ramps-connect to a moving van to move personal belongings
    • Twin Lock Ramps-great for loading up vehicles
    • Split Ramps-adjustable to different sizes loading/unloading equipment

Each ramp caters to different uses and has the ability to help you create a safer and easier work environment. 

Loading Capacity

Copperloys van ramps come in two different size options. The lightweight option holds roughly 6,000 pounds while the heavier option can hold up to 7,500 pounds. Be sure to consider how much weight you intend on carrying before purchasing your ramp.

How To Find The Best Van Ramp Manufacturer

Copperloy is one of the leading high-quality aluminum van ramp manufacturers in the United States. Copperloy designs its van ramps with versatility and durability in mind. The van ramps are manufactured to last for years even when consistently handling 2,500 to 4,000-pound load capacities. 

If you are looking for the best quality van ramps that will last for years to come, consider calling Copperloy today to find out what ramp would work best for you.

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